We are all Made from Light. Light is inside us! 

Namaste:) You are visiting online store www.light-inside.me hosted by "Bella's miracle shop", largest metaphysical store in White Rock BC and Surrey area, we are located on the beautiful Pacific beach on Canadian West Coast. 
We carry hand made Jewelry, healing stones & crystals, unique gifts, spiritual home decor and other MIRACLES from around the World! We are a family run business and we do our BEST to add to this web store as many new items as possible from our shop every day, but please, keep in mind: we have  about 15000++ items in our shop:)
As our customer, You will receive gift with every purchase.
We have provide items from all around the world
We sell only natural stones with only actual information. 
We have absolutely unique collection of natural and hand made miracles selected by Bella!

TODAY we have 15000+++ items in shop and sometimes our customers spend 3-4 hours for shopping here:) We full of miracles from around the world! See more info at WWW.BELLASMIRACLESHOP.COM 



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ABOUT SHOP. Why we are so miraculously miracle? :)

Feel ultra spiritual lately? Noticed some addiction with crystals? :) My miracle store is for you!

❤ Esoteric, New Age, Metaphysical, Psychic items.
❤ STONES AND CRYSTALS tumbled, rough and big mineral specimens, gems and rocks from different countries. Rare highvibrational stones of New Era.
❤ Talismans from different traditions. Artifacts, magic tools, carved stones and magic, healing wands, tools for psychics and healers.
❤ Silver JEWELRY with powerful big natural stones, bracelets, rings, pendant’s, earrings! Hand made in Bali, India, Russia, China, Brazil, Canada.
❤ Runes, skulls, prayer mala beads, Buddhist ritual items, Tibetan talismans, DZI beads.
❤ Spiritual home decor
❤ Colorful hand made clothing and accessory from Thailand, India, Nepal, America.

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Established in 2011 in Toronto ON. I started on-line shop in 2011 and I have been happily working online for 4 years, but I always wanted to communicate with "real" people:) All my life I dreamed about living close to the ocean and in April 2015 we moved from Toronto ON to the Vancouver area on West Coast of Canada, and set up BELLA'S MIRACLE SHOP right on the Pacific ocean beach :)

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Business Owner

Bella Shanti is Karma healer, clairvoyant, artist, meditation teacher. Love, light, development, awareness, acceptance, life with joy of creation. I was working as a clairvoyant and karma healer for about 7 years, I have done hundreds of aura, chakras, body readings, Akashic records and past life experience sessions. Now I'm only doing karma healing seminars and meditation lessons. I also call myself a lightworker:) For the previous 3 years I have been working as a meditation and "Easy way to live" teacher and karma healer in my online "Heaven" school. In the nearest future I will make face to face group workshops in BELLA's MIRACLE SHOP.