Tomar Cross
Tomar Cross Tomar Cross
$32.00 CAD

Tomar Cross Dragon KT16

Tomar is home to a Templar castle, an important site of mystical and spiritual irradiation, around which a town grew. The rare white cross set within a Templar cross of red, a design of elegant sophistication, was adopted and painted on the sails of their ships and so is worn for Protection on Life’s Journey.

The golden orb and cross is articulated from the red cross above it.

All 16 compelling Talismans of the Knights Templar are crafted in lead free pewter alloy, some enhanced with gold plating or enamelling. They are all provided with an 18″ chain and are presented in a bespoke jewellery box with the meaning inside the box lid.

Measures: 45 x 20mm