Owyhee Blue Opal & Blue Topaz sterling silver Earrings
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Rare stone Owyhee Blue Opal in sterling silver Earrings!

Woooow!!! Sky blue very rare natural Owyhee Opal with natural Blue Topaz in sterling silver hand made jewelry from India. Such a rarest color and stone and properties!

Owyhee Blue Opal Mineral Data
Owyhee blue opal - Common opal discovered near the sacred Indian springs of Owyhee, Oregon in 2003, characterized by a rich sky blue color; often translucent when first removed from the ground, but can gradually turn opaque when exposed to the air and dehydration begins.

Owyhee Blue Opal Metaphysical Properties
Perfect for healing, energy work, unique and rare gift. Owyhee Blue Opal imparts a high, celestial vibration connecting one to the highest angelic guidance and to one’s own spirit guides. As a dream stone, it opens metaphysical abilities, heightens intuition, and facilitates kything - two way communication with the spirit world. It is a protective stone for shamanic journeys and multi-dimensional exploration, and utilizes the calm, quiet strength of Water energy for personal empowerment. It helps overcome shyness, confusion, unfounded fears of failure and indecisiveness. Combining the pure Blue Ray of the Throat Chakra with the Third Eye Chakra, this stone assists one in drawing on one’s own power to see, speak and act with clarity, authority and confidence, without being arrogant or confrontational. It is imbued with the softness that comes from certainty and the ability to reach the goals one sets for oneself.
Owyhee Opal acknowledged as the most effective healing gem nugget possesses the ability to improve creativity along with the intuitive ideas. People in the past too regard this stone a gem of great fortune. The color of the stone seems like the color of the Caribbean sea, blue to bluish-green color. The positive effects of the stone heals the emotional, spiritual as well as the physical torso of the of the wearing soul. It makes the person true human in every sense, as it is contemplated to activate the third eye chakra it gives the power to the wearer to use his imagination to the highest level and understand what is unsaid. The energies of this alluring gem too inspire the life of the wearing individual and allow him to take wise decisions, as the blue vibes of this stone is associated with the self-esteem and confidence.Admired to enhance the creativity also improve the communication skill as known to trigger the throat chakra of the body along with the solar plexus. In some cultures, the potent reverberating vibes of the Owyhee Opal are strongly believed to allow communication with spirit guides, as well as can have telepathic exchange. Wearing the Owyhee Opal offers the wearer the ability to express his ideas clearly and more freely. It too releases out the stress from the soul by boosting up the wearers morale. It helps the soul with its healing attributes as it reduces the chronic fatigue and help with the weight loss. It too treats the swelling of the muscles, aids the sleeping disorder, balance the metabolic activities of the overall torso, treats the trauma as well as reduce the dizziness and brain disorder. Associated with the element water, it offers the softness in the tone and behavior. It calms down the restless soul, connects to the subconscious self and bring balance in the life. The frequency of the stone too centers the distressing soul by aligning the free energies and calming the emotional heart. Since ages, it is considered best for those who worry as well as worry about their present and future. It makes you positive, clear as well as conscious in one’s communication. It releases anger, clears the auric field by clearing the panic attacks, anxiety as well as depression.

Physical Healing: Owyhee Opal is acknowledged as the all-rounder gemstone, as aside from treating the vocal strain, larynx and pharynx, throat infections as well as calm inflammations and sinus conditions. The blue vibes of the Owyhee Opal, speculated favorable for the health of the eyes and skin in addition to the hair and nails. It too render the clear vision and strengthen then the eyesight by treating all the issues related to the eyes. It also helps in the water retention of the body, the energies of the stone maintain the water balance in the cells of the human body. Further, it is assessed to overcome dehydration and wipe out the symptoms that might cause infections in the body. It too purifies the blood of the overall torso along with the functioning of the kidneys. The blue tones of this enthralling stone show its prominence by regulating the production of the insulin in the body as well as controlling the functioning of the pancreas. Moreover, it reduces fever, stimulates memory and poise the functioning of the neurons by stabilizing the neurotransmitter disturbances like Parkinson’s Disease. Owyhee Opal gains the recognition due to its ability to support the female issues such as troubles related to the female hormones, PMS and menopause. It too provides comfort during pregnancy and at the time of child birth.

Emotional Healing. Owyhee Opal releases out the feeling of irritability and hostility. It too promotes the feelings of kindness, passion, love as well as compassion. The gentle vibes of this soothing blue Owyhee Opal promote balance in the emotions and life as well as heals the hurtful emotional state of the soul. As a supportive stone, it helps the soul to be true to self and accept the emotional challenges the life shows. It too brings the thoughts and feelings on the surface to overcome the distressing emotions and fill the life with new verve. It too roots out fear and resentment to help one to feel more controlled. It makes a person more positive, confident, loving as well as creative and spontaneous.

Spiritual Healing: The joyful vibrations of this blue color stone, Owyhee Opal act as a marvelous vehicle that brings the spiritual light into the aura to awaken the sleeping psychic and mystical qualities of the wearing soul. It too opens the gate of the cosmic consciousness for the intellect to understand what is unsaid and un-experienced. Traditionally, it is used to evoke visions and increase the lucid dreaming. It is a protective gem that too acts as a shamanic guide to help in journeying deep into the self to heal the present situations along with the past-life regression. Owyhee Opal, often known to be associated with the planet Venus, it conveys the soul to be relaxed and experience the crossing-over of spirits. As a gemstone of light, Owyhee Opal is ideal for attracting the energies of the angels I the heaven and enhance the power to connect with the Divine through the communication skill. A stone that carries a water energies, its perfect vibrations too connects the inner soul of the wearer with that of the devic forces, spirits of the water.

Owyhee Opal Facts
Among all Opal types, Owyhee Opal is regarded as the rarest type.
As a random crystalline stone, it is a form of sedimentary rock that is relatively found in the low temperatures.
When talked about Owyhee Opal’s physical composition, it is high in the silica and the water content.
Owyhee Opal is too composed of oxygen and hydrogen, thus known to prone to the heat and the acidic environment.
Owyhee blue opal is mostly extracted from Oregon.
Owyhee Opal holds a blue shade that means connecting with and activates the throat chakra.
Owyhee Opal when exposed to air, it starts the dehydration process and get Opaque.
Owyhee Opal is associated with number 7 and planet Venus as its element is water.