one eye Dzi bead with mountain peak
$300.00 CAD

Mountain Peak or Dzi Peak symbolizes courage in the face of all dangers, promotion, grace, determination and success.

This is the Dzi of improvement and career development, glory and achievements.

It helps the wearer to realize itself more in business, career and life. It will help to make a stable upward career and rapid development.

The Dzi bead brings its owner strength, stability, support, and strong reserves in all areas of business, career.

Dzi helps the owner to avoid many mistakes with the odds in their careers. It encourages entrepreneurship and risk taking, and will help to fulfill wishes and make the right choices.

It allows the holder to be in equilibrium. If the owner of this Dzi has open mind and heart , it will help in dealing with their emotions , and can assist in realizing of their great desires and dreams.

Symbol of a hill or mountain is associated with great support as provided stability as in the mountains, with the elimination of failures and obstacles.

It can help to create all forms of support for almost any situation. It helps to give strength to achieve what needs to be done.

This is the combination of success and power for the home, family and marital relationships.

The hill often represents an obstacle and, at the same time, overcoming obstacles.

The peak is almost always associated with achievement in career or life.

This Dzi represents power, stability, support. They also represent the way, the life and choices.