Natural Tiffany Stone Crystal Healing Necklace
$26.00 CAD

Natural Tiffany Stone (Opalized Fluorite) Crystal Healing Necklace

Size (Length): 90cm / 35 inches

Perfect for healing, energy work, unique and rare gift.

Opalized fluorite / Tiffany Stone is a very rare stone of aesthetic and colorful patterns. The unique opalized fluorite nodules are only found in Utah within the world famous Thomas Range. These nodules are formed by various minerals circulating in underground rivers and are formed together when they penetrate volcanic tuff layers. These nodules consist of fluorite, agate, chalcedony, quartz rhodonite and opal. It is this variation that makes these nodules so interesting…forming a wide variety of aesthetic and colorful patterns within the nodules. The color of the fluorite varies from a light blue to a deep reddish violet color. Occasionally these nodules have hollow areas that contain quartz crystals, fluorite crystals, hyalite opal or a variety of other minerals. Opalized fluorite fluorescence a bright green color under a short wave ultraviolet light. People use all sorts of different names for it, two of the most common being Opal Fluorite, Tiffany Stone, Bertrandite and Beryllium ore. Tiffany Stone is the only name that it is known by that is not trying to pinpoint what the rock is comprised of. Some say the name Tiffany Stone came about because the slab slices cut from the nodules reminded he miners of Tiffany glass lamp shades. Others say the name Tiffany Stone came about because of a miner that used to pick up the nodules for his daughter Tiffany. In either case, it is a name that people recognize in association with the nodules.As with all stones, natural fissures can be present.
Metaphysical Characteristics  If you had trouble communicating in the past, it is known to aid you to talk about deeper issues, aiding you to verbalize hidden or secret feelings. It is of a high vibration and you will generally find that its energy boosts any abilities of a spiritual or psychic nature.