Natural Aquamarine Sphere
Natural Aquamarine Sphere Natural Aquamarine Sphere Natural Aquamarine Sphere
$150.00 CAD


Natural Aquamarine Sphere

Size: 62mm

Weight: 355g

 Aquamarine resonates to the energy of the ocean, helping the holder to connect with the nature spirits of the sea. Heals PAST trauma in all lives. Release, cleansing, letting go, acceptance of others, aids in communication. Calming. Seamen carried Aquamarine in ancient times to promote safe travel on the water and to protect against drowning. The soothing energy of Aquamarine (A) makes it a perfect companion to calm fears and phobias. Water energy-clean PAST.

A is a “Stone of Courage and Protection”. Used often with the Throat Chakra, A can be used to promote verbal self-expression. It is often used to enhance spiritual communication and clear communication blocks. A is also used to align all of the chakras and enhance the aura. The metaphysical properties of A make it an excellent stone for the spiritual initiate.
Encouraging clarity of thought, A can aid in the assimilation of new knowledge, making it a great crystal for students of all kinds. A encourages intellectual growth and inner knowledge, opening one up to intuition and the super-conscious mind. A is often used to enhance one's intellectual prowess, helping one to think quickly to come up with solutions on the fly.  Many also use A to help with reasoning and promote logic. Carrying A on one's person can help to remind the individual to be prepared for most any scenario that could be encountered, given the current set of circumstances. A allows one to look at emotional situations from other perspectives. It can help overcome judgment of others and encourage tolerance. A can calm fear and worry, by opening the mind up to understanding the nature of Divine Perfection in the Universe. By helping one to be more sensitive, A initiates a connection with the experience of a mass consciousness. Going even further, A helps to bring one into the flow of life, enhancing the experience of continuity during one's existence.
A can also work with the Heart Chakra by helping one to realize their innermost truth. A facilitates the releasing of old patterns of behavior that no longer serve, and that actually inhibit one's growth. Can also bring peace and calm to the overactive mind, making it a great aid for deepening the meditative state. Meditating with A can bring new insights from the higher self to be applied in daily life. Physically, helps to heal ailments of the throat, including the thyroid and pituitary, and can help to ameliorate diseases of the liver. Aquamarine can also help with allergies by calming an overactive immune system, as well as assisting with other autoimmune disorders.

Perfect healing stone, unique and rare gift.