Elemental Fire Talisman

Find your Zodiac sign or collect all 4 designs! This talismans will strengthen the power of fire, water, air or earth energy in your life and harmonize your personality. 

Elemental greetings card and pendant gift set – each card comes with attached corresponding Elemental Talisman. Cello wrapped set includes; pedant + card + necklace chain and matching envelope inside.

New collection of magical Elemental talismans amulets from England ELEMENTS: WATER, AIR, EARTH, FIRE (on picture #4 ) This listing only includes Elemental Fire talisman.
The Alchemical symbol for Fire is embellished with the Fire Zodiac signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius) and Planetary Sigils (Sun, Jupiter and Mars) to invoke passion, creativity, motivation, and sensuality.
Elemental Talismans on matching zodiac greetings cards by English artist and magician Briar make the perfect birthday gifts! Each pendant is made of zinc alloy and includes a 16" chain. The corresponding Elemental Zodiac Greeting Card is approximately 4.75" x 6.60" (120mm x 170mm) and includes a matching envelope. Cards are individually cello wrapped.