Who we are
We are all Made from Light. Light is inside us! 

Online store www.light-inside.me is a family run business located in a beautiful White Rock BC and we do our BEST to add as many new items as possible every day. Our customers receive gifts with every purchase. We try to provide items from all around the world, we sell only natural stones with only actual information. 


❤ Esoteric, New Age, Metaphysical, Psychic items.
❤ STONES AND CRYSTALS tumbled, rough and big mineral specimens, gems and rocks from different countries. Rare highvibrational stones of New Era.
❤ Talismans from different traditions. Artifacts, magic tools, carved stones and magic, healing wands, tools for psychics and healers.
❤ Silver JEWELRY with powerful big natural stones, bracelets, rings, pendant’s, earrings! Hand made in Bali, India, Russia, China, Brazil, Canada.
❤ Jewelry from the Best Movies Ever! Series of fan jewelry from the Best movies! Star Wars, Harry Potter, Iron Man, Captain America, Batman, LOTR, Aliens, Hunger games, Pirates of the Caribbean, Predator, Game of Thrones and many more
❤ Runes, skulls, prayer mala beads, Buddhist ritual items, Tibetan talismans, DZI beads.
❤ Spiritual home decor
❤ Colorful hand made clothing and accessory from Thailand, India, Nepal, America.
Tashi delek
Удачи на Пути
Oleg Berezhnov